Beverly is a certified permaculture educator and has an extensive experience as a permaculture facilitator. She also educates the public about fresh integris (TM) Foods that are grown with integrity and respect for the whole earth and whole person.

Beverly, who has had a string of careers in computer science and radio, loves the community building that can come from sharing food. She has been an entrepreneur for the past 22 years. Her most recent business venture is an urban farmers market called Mo’ Betta Green MarketPlace. Launched in 2011, the business is located in the historic Five Points neighborhood of Denver, and was founded on three principles: food literacy, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. Some important outcomes of this market’s model have improved community connectedness, greater awareness of the correlation between food consumption practices and overall health/wellness, and better inclusion of disconnected populations to local food and environmental education. The mission of this market also includes designing and installing edible, medicinal landscapes and yard farming in the northeast portion of Denver’s Food Desert and Aurora neighborhoods.

Now in its fifth year, Mo’ Betta Green MarketPlace hosts four weekly markets that range in location from Highland to Stapleton; Beverly chooses spots “where the built infrastructure doesn’t allow grocery stores,” she says. “Those are the places where pop-up markets are ideal.” Beside the Five Point location, the three other farmers markets are located in Park Hill, Conservatory Green, and Highlands. Beverly is also a board member for the Growhous permaculture center, which is a catalyst for the community food justice cause.

In her food policy work, Beverly helps shape, advocate, and lobby to create urban agribusiness initiatives. However, she believes that just having the initiatives isn’t enough without the outreach and education that gets people to use them. To help address the education gap, Beverly also hosts a weekly radio show at the KGNU on healthy eating and active living.

With her extensive expertise and community involvement, Beverly is advising and assisting CCS in creating our permaculture program.