• All children can learn and be successful in blended-mastery and project-based environment.
  • Early intervention and 100% differentiation are the key to mitigating students’ academic difficulties and setting them on a path for long-term success
  • It is important to evaluate if a difficulty is related to Language or Concept/ Skill.


The Cooperative Community Schools (CCS) seeks to offer an innovative new approach to the structure of education by utilizing highly personalized core competency programs and project- based applications of knowledge. By working with the differences in student interests and backgrounds, all children will be met at their level of competency where they are and challenged to grow in a supportive and holistic framework. It is our belief that every student can excel when they are inspired and supported in their unique learning style and interests. Students will be prepared to master the complexity and challenges of tomorrow with a comprehensive educational model that prioritizes inquiry, collaboration, and creative problem solving in a real-world context. To prepare students to be engaged global citizens, CCS will promote autonomy, compassion, inspire collaborative leadership, celebrate perseverance, build a resilient community, and foster a passion for lifelong learning through a culture of service-learning and character development.

Blended Mastery Model

Project-Based Learning

CCS will integrate several researched based, and innovative education models (blended mastery, project-based learning, advisement, permaculture, character education, and service-learning) and enhance them with a sustainable vision, which serves the public and thrives on community participation. We will ensure that all students receive the appropriate level and type of support through the strategic utilization of technology, community interaction, and structured classroom time.


Personal learning plans and projects developed in collaboration with an advisor allow education to be tailored to each student’s unique learning style and passions. Learning environments will be fluid and flexible to accommodate the needs of all learners, including both self-directed and group exploration. Technology will be utilized as a key tool in directing and reinforcing individual learning and student mastery. Global awareness, communication, and collaboration will require that students become informed and competent users of technology and it will be integrated along with core standards.

CCS addresses an urgent need for integrating evolving models of learning for a more efficient and cost effective approach to prepare children, especially those of marginalized population subsets, to thrive in 21st century society.