The CCS model is one of inclusion with intervention at the point of need. It also includes an ESL component within the blended learning curriculum, and language immersion with assessment within the project-based curriculum. This collaborative model puts goal setting and advisement at the center of each student’s instruction, regardless of any special need. In the end, each student is special and each need is met in an inclusive, democratic environment with a celebration of diversity. CCS will actively target the emerging population of Spanish speaking families in the far northeast region of district, and has comprehensive programs in place to facilitate students who classify as English Language Learners (ELL). Our staff members are highly qualified teachers (ELA-S and ELA-P) who are experienced working with the linguistically diverse learners.

In the end, it is our innovative approach of individual instruction at the point of need, with advisement and goal setting paired with immersion in English and in project-based instruction that addresses the acquisition of language. This instructional philosophy encourages diverse students to achieve competency and mastery through collaboration, goal setting, and problem solving. This is inclusion and we believe it creates tomorrow’s leaders.