Kat’s professional experiences are largely in management, sales, marketing, administration, and organizational duties. She is adept at writing, editing, social media, sales, grant writing, and customer service. As an office manager and project liaison for two sister businesses focusing on environmental access and ADA-compliant home modifications, Kat has experience in both the private and government-funded (Medicaid/VA waivers) sectors related to managing installation teams, scheduling and calendars, filing, organization and clerical work, and overseeing all projects from start to finish. Kat addresses technical and tedious challenges creatively, with the vision of helping the businesses she is there to serve to the absolute fullest extent.

Kat is also a deeply passionate educator. She moved to Thailand for a year as an ambassador for the Power of One organization to work as an independent, volunteer English teacher serving students of all ages at three rural and impoverished schools, and one temple. She traveled extensively and immersed herself in the culture of the small town she lived in. Kat designed all curriculums for her students with the objective of increasing the approachability of her subject. She helped to facilitate the funding of one of her students to attend University, and was acknowledged by her fellow educators for the improved English language skills and confidence of her students. Due to Kat’s success as a volunteer teacher, Power of One has been able to offer the same position to several other young individuals, including one from South Africa, using the curriculum she developed and effectively executed.

As a volunteer for CCS, she has assisted with writing and editing proposals, developing marketing strategies, helping with presentations, and writing successful grants.


  • B.A. Philosophy; University of Colorado, Denver, CO; 2014
  • Diploma, East High School, Denver, CO; 2009