Shaun comes from a background in neuroscience, consciousness studies, and philosophy. He has gained experience working with autistic spectrum youth using behavioral and experiential therapies while also pursuing alternative body somatic and manual therapy educations. He was also a volunteer English teacher in Central America. He is fluent in speaking Spanish.

Since moving to Denver, he has been passionately involved in local sustainability efforts and social/food justice issues. Shaun has always been involved with efforts to empower the marginalized populations in his community and is focusing on revolutionizing the social infrastructure inspired by permaculture and sustainability. He engages to inspire the youth in collaborative community art installations, music, and yoga outreach. He has experience in project management and strategic planning of nonprofit operations, finding a niche in partnership development and creative direction for sustainable and impactful organizations. He has travelled to over 10 countries in Central America.

As a volunteer, Shawn has assisted CCS in several areas from helping with writing and creating proposals, to developing CCS project-based and advisement curriculum, helping with presentations, creating marketing strategies, and writing successful grants.


  • B.S., Health & Human Sciences- Behavioral Neuroscience; Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN; 2011
  • Registered Emergency Medical Technician- Basic