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Theo Wilson is an enigmatic public speaker, poet and founding member of the Denver Slam Nuba team.  He has been honored with winning the National Poetry Slam in 2011. Theo kick started his speaking career early at the age of 15 with the NAACP. He followed his love for the stage to Florida A&M University where he obtained his Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance.  Upon graduating he interned as a full time actor in St. Louis Black Repertory Company, where he was auspiciously first introduced to slam poetry. Theo has been an engaged member of the poetry community since his return to Denver in 2004, winning many slams in the process. He has gained many accolades in his poetry competitions, winning the Poetry Slam in 2007 and placing 5th in the world at the International World Poetry Slam.  He was a National Slam Poetry Champion in 2011. He teaches and lectures on poetry with the Art-From-Ashes nonprofit poetry therapy organization. He has participated as a featured speaker in several TEDx Mile High productions. In 2013, Theo began speaking with “Rachel’s Challenge,” an organization dedicated to ending school violence through compassion. He continues to push his artistic boundaries as an actor in the Imagination Maker's Theatre Company while actively engaging the public in critical dialogue with his illumination of social justice issues through spoken word. In the area of community involvement, Theo has participated in:

  • As a Guest Speaker and Workshop Co-Facilitator for Art From Ashes, a community organization dedicated to healing at-risk youth through therapeutic poetry workshops. 2009-present
  • American Friends Service Committee, speaking and mentoring high schools youth. 2006-2008
  • Public speaking events in various public school functions to educate youth about and through spoken-word poetry. 2006-present
  • The St. Louis Black Repertory Company in the St. Louis school districts teaching theatre performance to inner-city students in after school programs. 2003-2004
  • Working with the Student Alliance for Cultural Development on the campus of Florida A&M University in the capacity of Educating freshmen on the importance of the African Centered world-view. 2000-2003


  • B.A., Theatre Performance; Florida A&M University, Tallahassee, Florida; 2003