Board of Directors

Our board of directors is both diverse and extremely passionate.

Gregory Allen

Mr. Allen is an innovative and accountable leader with proven history and experience achieving measurable results. He has a great ability to analyze business processes and elicit detailed requirements to guide technical solutions development and deployment.

Adrienne F. Muldrow

Adrienne’s professional career in business began in Small Business Administration (SBA) in 1998 in Columbia, SC. As a consultant, she conducted training classes for the public on how to make an effective business plan and counseled small business owner on how to improve the operations of their business.

Rebecca Caroline James

Caroline is currently a law student at the University of Colorado in Boulder. She is pursuing an interest in educational equity policies and practices, with a long-term goal of reforming teacher compensation nationally to bring the profession to a new level of respect and competition worldwide. 

Advisory Board

Meet our dedicated advisory board members!